Bibimbap Recipe!

I’m back with another traditional Korean dish! This time it’s bibimbap. It sounds like a bit of a silly word to English speakers, but it’s very tasty!

Bibimbap is another great food that you will find at any Korean restaurant you go to! It is essentially a bowl of rice with vegetables, meats, and an egg on top. People often add kimchi on top as well! It is usually served in a giant hot pot so that your food keeps warm as you make your way through the bowl (which is good because you usually get a lot of food so it takes a while to eat).

Personally, I love spicy food so I tend to add a lot of hot sauce to mine. Bibimbap is one of my personal favourites. I have made it for dinner for my family multiple times and it’s always a hit! And it is pretty straightforward to make!

Here is the link to the recipe I always follow. Some people are scared off by the raw egg yolk, so feel free to skip it if you want! Again, let me know how it goes in your home!

Image source

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