Greetings! In Korean!

There is little point in visiting a country if you don’t even know the basic greetings! You’ll never make it! (Actually, I’m sure a lot of people go to a non-English speaking country without knowing any of the language, but they probably look dumb. Don’t be that guy.) Here are some of the most common and important greetings and questions you’ll need to know!

Assuming that you’re speaking to strangers or people you just met in Korea, all of these phrases are in formal language so that you don’t appear rude! You don’t want to make a bad first impression or else they won’t help you. Also you don’t want to risk losing any sleep because you feel bad.



(FYI: There is a phrase that translates to “How are you?” but I’m choosing to not teach it to you because asking such a question is not common on Korea, unless you are seeing someone you know for the first time in a while. Asking a total stranger how they are is a little strange even to me, now that I think about it…)

만나서 반갑습니다.
Man-na-seo ban-gap-seum-nida.

Happy to meet you.

제 이름은 _____ 입니다.
je i-reum-eun ___ im-ni-da.
My name is ___.

안녕히 주무십시요
An-young-hi ju-mu-ship-shi-yo

Good night

When saying “goodbye”, you can say two different phrases, depending on which one of you is leaving and which one of you is staying. If you get the two confused, they almost sound the same so I’m sure that if you said it fast enough the other person wouldn’t notice.

안녕히 계세요.

Goodbye (when you are leaving)

안녕히 가세요.

Goodbye (when you are staying)

I’m sorry.




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