Mandatory Military Service

In South Korea, it is mandatory that all men between the ages of 18 and 35 enlist for training in the military. This law has been in place for decades and is unlikely to end soon. It is mostly in response to the ongoing war with North Korea, which is still technically active. All men... Continue Reading →


Weddings 101

The concept of weddings is a global culture: the idea of two people joining in some sort of union with some sort of ceremony and following traditions is practiced in all sorts of cultures all around the world. However there are obvious differences in each country, and Korea is no exception. With its history of... Continue Reading →

Guide to Korean Honorifics

Here in Canada, asking the age of someone you have just met or barely know is considered rude. However, in Korea is it almost a necessity to ask in order to establish how to speak to one another. This is because age and being respectful to those older than you (even by just one year)... Continue Reading →

Korean age?

As you can expect, there are many differences between Korean and Western culture. It is apparent pretty much as soon as you begin your journey on learning about the country. While there are indeed many similarities, the differences tend to stick out more. One of the biggest differences between the two cultures is in fact...what... Continue Reading →

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